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XXE Exposed – Join this live event for free

Heads up, everyone! Abraham Aranguren, Project Founder of OWASP OWTF (owtf.org) and author of our Practical Web Defense Course PWD, will host a webinar session with the title, “XXE Exposed”. This live online session will give you a good understanding on how you can protect your web applications for your business.

During the event he will cover vulnerabilities such as XXE, XSS, and SQLi and their effects to your web applications. You will learn how to detect and mitigate these vulnerabilities, protecting you and your business. On top of this, you will also see a live demonstration of the XXE (XML External Entity) vulnerability.

Hurry and reserve your seat, slots are very limited!

Webinar: XXE Exposed
Date: 22nd July 2014 – 1pm EDT

Defend your Web Application

  • Live demonstration of XML External Entity Processing (XXE)
  • Learn about XSS, SQLi, XXE
  • Effects of these vulnerabilities to your business.
  • How to detect and mitigate these vulnerabilities.

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