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Watch an XML External Entity (XXE) Attack Demo

An XXE or XML External Entity is a type of attack against a web application that parses XML input. Watch this video demonstration of an XXE attack by OWASP OWTF Leader and one of the leading Web Application Security experts, Abraham Aranguren.

XML External Entity (XXE) Attack – FREE Webinar Access

Learn to Defend your Web Application

From this demo, you can learn why web services that are not configured properly can create security flaws such as XSS and XXE. You will understand how these vulnerabilities can affect your company and why you need to secure your web apps. Here are other highlights of the webinar.

  • See a live demo of one of the most severe vulnerabilities in web apps – XXE (XML External Entity Processing)
  • Learn how misconfigured web-services lead to common flaws like XSS, SQLi and XXE
  • What effect do these vulnerabilities have on you and your business?
  • How can you detect and mitigate such risks?

Here’s a video teaser of the webinar.

Access the full video and the rest of our technical webinars for FREE here – XML External Entity (XXE) Attack FREE Webinar Access

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