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What is Purple Teaming & Why Is It Essential

What happens when red and blue team members work together towards a more collaborative approach? A stronger security method called purple teaming arises. Find out what it is and how it has become essential for organizations of all size.

What is Purple Teaming?

Purple teaming is when both red and blue team members work together to make the most out of their respective expertise and strengthen their company/client’s cyber security.

This (not so) recent method has proven very effective to help secure all sizes of organizations. Indeed, by simulating a various range of threat scenarios, the purple team is able to detect and secure its organization’s vulnerabilities more efficiently than ever beforeAdditionally, such scenarios can shed light on each team’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them get better over time.

Learn how purple team tactics, adversary simulation, scenario-based training, and threat intelligence can be used to enhance your security team’s capabilities against next-generation cyber-attacks here.
Why is Purple Teaming Important?

One too many times, organizations get compromised by cybercriminals in their quest for confidential data. This is not necessarily due to poorly skilled employees, but rather to new threat vectors or techniques that go unnoticed. Being a good purple teamer comes with constantly staying up-to-date.

By conducting attack vs. defense team scenarios, or purple teaming assignments, an organization is more informed of all the potential threats it is facing. In other words, purple teaming engagements allows an organization’s IT Security teams to hunt, detect, and fix all the vulnerabilities, and to be prepared for any attack that may come their way.

Aspiring to learn modern purple teaming tactics? Check out our Purple Team Member training path.


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