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Web Application Penetration Testing v2 Course Launch

Last June 23, we launched version 2 of our Web Application Penetration Testing training course. This is our finest training course on web application security which has been upgraded to include more exciting and hands-on lab exercises, 13 different modules, over 1850 slides, more than 5 hours of HQ video training.

Another highlight of the course is that the Labs can now accessed in the most sophisticated virtual lab on IT Security – HERA Virtual Lab.

Armando Romeo gave an introduction of what to expect in WAPTv2. Davide “GiRa” Girardi showed a live demo web exploit using a Remote File Inclusion vulnerability. Attendees witnessed how to gain access to the course, including how to operate the Labs. Lastly, one lucky attendee was able to take home a brand new WAPTv2 – Elite Edition! This was a jam-packed session with full of surprises to both new and existing students.

Here’s a teaser of our WAPTv2 Course Launch:

Watch the full webinar course launch and other webinars in our archive here – WAPTv2 Webinar Access

Want to know more about WAPTv2? Check out the course details here – Web Application Penetration Testing v2 – WAPTv2

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