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We Are Joining the #CSCBE

Is your team the best ethical hacking squad of the country? Find out! Join the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium‘s qualifiers. If you are one of the best teams, you will be invited to the on-site (pre-)finals for your chance to win amazing prizes!

  • What Is This Challenge?

Based on the principles of a Capture The Flag (CTF), this competition is a challenge-based game played by teams of maximum 4 students. Over a limited timeframe, the teams must solve challenges covering a wide range of security issues, e.g. cryptography, reverse engineering, network security, web or mobile application security, wireless and forensics analysis. The complexity of challenges ranges from trivial up to very difficult.

  • How Do I Join?

At least 1 person in each group has to be a student in a Belgian academic institution to be allowed to compete in the qualifiers. Participants must be 18 years of age; if you or a member of your team has not reached that age, please contact info@cybersecuritychallenge.be before registering.

If you have some trouble finding teammates, head over to the CSCBE 2017 Qualifiers Facebook event page and find other students who are looking for a team to join.

For the finals, only teams that have at least one ‘graduate student’ (bachelor/university) member are eligible. For more information, consult the rules of engagement.

  • When Does it Start?

The first round of the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium’s qualifiers commences on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.
After that, and if you are found in one of the best teams, you will be invited to the, for now top-secret, on-site (pre-)finals on March 23 and 24!

  • What Can I Win?

Numerous prizes are being offered by the Prize Partners, which includes SANS, Secure Code Warriors, HITB, BruCon, SHA, ISACA, CSX, Lockpick, and eLearnSecurity.

We are offering the challenge winners these amazing prizes (… IN THE FULL EDITION!):

Your team does not qualify for the finals but was part of the Top 10 teams in the Qualifiers round? You will still receive something special to congratulate you on your performance!

Every registrant can get his hands on a PTS training course in the Barebone edition btw, no winning spot needed 😉

You fit the registration conditions? Then what are you waiting for?

Click here to participate!

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