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Video: Second Order SQL Injection Attack Demo

SQLi is a technique where code is injected to data-driven applications. These codes includes malicious SQL statements which are inserted into an entry field for execution such as dumping database contents.

If you think your apps are secure or your target web app is not vulnerable to SQLi, think again! Here’s a demo of a Second Order SQL injection attack.

2nd Order SQLi Attack – FREE Webinar Access

2nd Order SQLi: Do Not Trust Your Escaped Queries!

IT Security Researcher, Davide “GiRa” Girardi, will try to use sqlmap beyond its regular behavior using a simple but effective custom script. Join eLearnSecurity for a live demonstration on how to exploit second order SQLi and take it to the next level.

Here’s a video teaser of the webinar.

Access the full video and the rest of our technical webinars for FREE here – 2nd Order SQLi Attack FREE Webinar Access

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