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Top 5 Hackmes in March 2015

We have two new entries in our Top 5 Hackme challenges in March 2015. These new Javascript challenges have placed themselves on the top spots this month.

Hack.me is a site that provides fun and challenging scenarios to test your IT security skills on web apps. With a free-for-all lab, you can test various scenarios and challenges from other users. Check out the list below!

hackme challenges


March 2015 Top 5 Hackme Challenges

#1 Reversing JS2

Description: If you think the first one was for n00bs, here’s another one I created for my vegan friend. Save the cows! Read more here: Reversing JS2

#2 Javascript Challenge

Description: A simple Javascript URL challenge. Read more here: Javascript Challenge

#3 easy to get started

Description: this is for the script kiddies and wannabe’s. Read more here: easy to get started

#4 SQL Injection – Data Verification Fail

Description: A special friend wants you to locate the private members of a gaming clan his team is supposed to compete with next month in hopes to do some spying and see what the other team is all about…but first he needs to find out who they are. Read more here: SQL Injection – Data Verification Fail

#5 Break the Number

Description: Submit key in http://game.rop.sh/task. Read more here: Break the Number

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