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Top 5 Hackmes in January 2015

We rounded up the Top 5 Hackme challenges started by users in January 2015. Based on the list, we have a new entry which is the Simple Directory Traversal 2 Challenge.

Hack.me is a free-for-all virtual lab on web application security that offers various fun and challenging scenarios to test your penetration testing skills. Check out the list below!

jan 2015 hackme

January 2015 Top 5 Hackme Challenges

#1 easy to get started

Description: this is for the script kiddies and wannabe’s. Read more here: easy to get started

#2 U-Hack-It Basic Exploits Tutorial

Description: U-Hack-It is a set of beginner tutorials to demonstrate how poor web programming practices expose serious security vulnerabilities to would-be hackers, including SQL injection, XSS, and session hijacking. Read more here: U-Hack-it Basic Exploits Tutorial.

#3 SQL Injection – Data Verification Fail

Description: A special friend wants you to locate the private members of a gaming clan his team is supposed to compete with next month in hopes to do some spying and see what the other team is all about…but first he needs to find out who they are. Read more here: SQL Injection – Data Verification Fail

#4 Simple Directory Traversal 2

Description: It seems the developer of this form made some changes and wants you to test it again. He says he “attempted to strip out the bad characters”, let’s see what you can do!? Read more here: Simple Directory Traversal 2

#5 Simple XSS game

Description: Well, it is too simple. Read more here: Simple XSS game

Hackme Goes IRC!

Another important point we’d like to share is that a new IRC channel officially for Hack.me as been opened. You will now be able to chat with the Hackme team and the rest of the community in the #hack.me channel on freenode.

hackme chat

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