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Top 5 Hackmes in April 2015

We have two new entries in our Top 5 Hackme challenges in April 2015: Guessing Word & Challenge-Lab 0x02. Interesting to note these exercises taking the number 2 & 3 spots this month.

Hack.me was set up to provide a challenging environment for IT Security enthusiasts to test their web application security skills. It includes an open virtual lab where a user can test various challenges uploaded by other users. Check out the top challenges listed below!

april 2015 hackme

April 2015 Top 5 Hackme Challenges

#1 SQL injections – Bypassing authentication – Easy

Description: Environment: Web application PHP/MySQL. Your goal: Finding SQL injections and exploit them to bypass the authentication system and enumerate all the user accounts. Read more here: SQL injections – Bypassing authentication – Easy

#2 Guessing Word

Description: Can you guess my password? Read more here: Guessing Word

#3 Challenge-Lab 0x02

Description: In this new challenge you will be able to exercise your skills in an CTF challenge. The following challenge is devided in 3 parts. You can move to the next part only if you hack the previous step. The attacks you will need to execute are well-known attacks. Two of them are also on the OWASP 10. Read more here: Challenge-Lab 0x02

#4 Break the Number

Description: Submit key in http://game.rop.sh/task. Read more here: Break the Number

#5 Reversing JS2

Description: If you think the first one was for n00bs, here’s another one I created for my vegan friend. Save the cows! Read more here: Reversing JS2

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