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Top 5 Hackmes in June 2015

One challenge moved down and four new challenges entered our Top 5 Hackme’s for May 2015. Restrictions Bypass – PHP took the top spot for the most number of users  taking the challenge for the month.

Hack.me is a place for web app security enthusiasts who want to test their skills and try to break into these exercises. These scenarios are uploaded on an open virtual lab and users can ‘hack’ the exercise. Here are the top ones listed below.

top 5 hackme projects

May 2015 Top 5 Hackme Challenges

#1 Very basic SQL injection

Description: The goal here is to learn the very basics of SQL injection. Read more here: Very basic SQL injection

#2 Restrictions Bypass – PHP

Description: This is a two-step challenge. Find the key which is stored “inside” a file located in the same directory as index.php. Enter the key on /flag.php page to generate your unique flag. Read more here: Restrictions Bypass – PHP

#3 Delete All Things

Description: Use SQL injections to delete the entire users table. . Read more here: Delete All Things

#4 SQL Injection – medium

Description: This is an example of mid-level sql injection 😉 hints : you should get the password of a user with admin privileges. Read more here: SQL Injection – medium

#5 easy to get started

Description: this is for the script kiddies and wannabe’s. Read more here: easy to get started

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