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Top 5 Hackmes in July 2015

The Top 5 Hackme’s for the month of July have been published and based on the list, there’s only one new challenge that was added which came in 5th place – LFI SCD.

Check out the rest of the challenges in the list below.

july 2015 hackme

July 2015 Top 5 Hackme Challenges

#1 Very basic SQL injection

Description: The goal here is to learn the very basics of SQL injection. Read more here: Very basic SQL injection

#2 Restrictions Bypass – PHP

Description: This is a two-step challenge. Find the key which is stored “inside” a file located in the same directory as index.php. Enter the key on /flag.php page to generate your unique flag. Read more here: Restrictions Bypass – PHP

 #3 Delete All Things

Description: Use SQL injections to delete the entire users table. . Read more here: Delete All Things

#4 SQL injections – Bypassing authentication – Easy

Description: Environment: Web application PHP/MySQL. Your goal: Finding SQL injections and exploit them to bypass the authentication system and enumerate all the user accounts. Read more here: SQL injections – Bypassing authentication – Easy


Description: My first challenge/tutorial for LFI and SCD. Feel free to own it ;). Read more here: LFI-SCD

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