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Top 5 Hackme Challenges in december 2015

The Top 5 Hackmes for the month of December. Test yourself, check out the list of the challenges below:

Very basic SQL injection:

“The goal here is to learn the very basics of SQL injection.”








Sql injection bypass authentication hard:

“Your goal: Finding SQL injections and exploit them to bypass the authentication system.
Enter the key on /flag.php page to generate your unique flag.”







Pass the Password:

“A Javascript Promp which asks you a password. Can u get the secret word?”








Mutillidae 2.3.10:

“Jeremy Druin (webpwmize)’s vulnerable web application focusing primarily on the 2010 OWASP Top 10. Also available are vulnerabilities surrounding HTML5, as well as older vulnerabilities from the 2007 OWASP Top 10 list.
Please note: some vulnerabilities (especially ones focused on external file inclusion) have been removed in order to prevent runaway app-scanners. Links to the outside world have also been disabled, however, URLs still persist, although they are not clickable.
If you would like the full version, please see IronGeek.com to learn how to set it up in your personal environment.”








Simple test hacking environment:

“Simple test hacking environment”









Good Luck!

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