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Threat Hunting Professional (THP) Launch Offers

Hunting season is now open, as today we announce the release of another brand-new training course: Threat Hunting Professional.

For those geared and ready for THP, we’ve got some exciting deals locked and loaded for you this December! Use the code THP-D4A upon enrollment and you’ll be getting 30% off regular course fees, as well as a free Edition upgrade.

Regular course fees: $1299 Regular course fees: $1499

The hunted becomes the hunter

“Open confrontation will trigger over-powering resistance.
Thus the key to victory is the ability to use surprise tactics.”

That’s from Sun Tzu’s infamous work, The Art of War. This book, and the military strategies contained within, have stood the test of time—having been adopted by numerous people into their jobs.

It seems cyber attackers are no exception: when faced with a major organization’s defenses, they can’t come in guns a-blazin’. The element of surprise is their main key to success. And, as evidenced by the long (and still-growing) list of victims in 2017 alone, it may as well be a skeleton key.

 “The position of victory is one of determination.
The position of defeat is unpreparedness.”

Long gone are the days when having a purely defensive-minded system in place counts as ‘preparedness.’ Only in Hollywood will you see lights flashing, alarms blaring, and security teams waging war whenever a cyber attack befalls a network.

Today, usual signs that a breach has occurred are: receiving a ransom email asking payment for the stolen data; finding said data leaked somewhere in the dark web; or any other equally humiliating and damaging scenario. What’s worse, there are times when attackers succeed in flying under the radar, leaving no trace at all of their intrusion.

In any case, if you’re not in a position to seek out threats, you’re in a position of defeat.

THP helps professionals bring the fight to cyber attackers

Threat Hunting Professional aims to help security professionals gain a proactive defense mentality. The course also teaches students how to:

  • Proactively hunt for threats in your organization’s network or perimeter
  • Use threat intelligence or hypotheses to hunt for known threats
  • Comfortably inspect network traffic and identify malicious traffic
  • Perform memory analysis using Redline and Volatility to identify malware
  • Use tools such as Sysmon and ELK to analyze Windows events and detect attack patterns
  • Use tools such as PowerShell, Microsoft ATP, and ATA to detect attacks

Although primarily aimed to become the Blue Team’s weapon of choice, THP can also prove to be an extra bullet in the chamber for Red Teams, as they can use the techniques covered in the course to:

  • Get familiar with detection techniques used by mature organizations
  • Identify how an attack looks like in the wire and in memory
  • Identify the most common events that are analyzed
  • Fine tune your attack strategy, attack vectors, and infrastructure

And that’s barely even scraping the surface of what’s in the course. Coupled with a vast array of training materials and a number of real-world Hera Lab scenarios, Threat Hunting Professional delivers the robust eLearnSecurity training experience.

Year-ending THP deals

From now until the end of December, we’re cutting 30% off Threat Hunting Professional enrollment fees, and giving everybody a free Edition upgrade! Students who ‘enlist’ into the course during this launch period will be able to save over $500.

Full Edition includes:

  • HD video training material
  • 60 hours of virtual labs access
  • Dedicated forum; access to instructors
  • Mobile access (HTML5)
  • Standard exam voucher for certification (voucher valid for 180 days)

Regular fees: $1299

Elite Edition includes:

  • HD video training material
  • 120 hours of virtual labs access
  • Dedicated forum; access to instructors
  • Offline access (downloadable as PDF)
  • Mobile access (HTML5)
  • Infinity exam voucher for certification (voucher does not expire)
  • Certificate printing and shipment

Regular fees: $1499

And, to existing students: we’ve shot off an email over to your inboxes containing your exclusive launch deals! You may also check with the Support team if you want to know more.

Go on the Hunt for free with the All Access Pass!

Also this December, enrollees into the All Access Pass bundle will receive the Threat Hunting Professional training course in the Elite Edition for free!

For the same bundle fee, students will get all TEN eLearnSecurity training courses—10 new certifications, hours upon hours of video training material, and over 780 usable hours of hands-on training in Hera Lab. That’s a staggering $6,600+ savings on security training! Learn more about the All Access Pass here.

Target practice

Give THP a shot before enrolling. Try the course by accessing this free course demo.

The launch offer ends on December 31 2017 at 11:59 PM PT, though, so better hurry!

Threat Hunting Professional gives you the skills to proactively hunt for threats and become a stealthier pentester. Try it for free here.

Not much of a hunter?

If Threat Hunting Professional isn’t on your holiday wish list, you can also check out several other training courses and bundles included in our Year-End Gift! Learn more here.


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