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Home Depot Involved in Major Security Breach


Home Depot is the latest retail company to suffer from a major security breach involving tens of millions of customer data from the US and Canada. Information from customers who have used their credit or debit cards since April 2014 have been compromised, but the retailer is assuring their customers that for any fraudulent charges in their accounts, they will not be held responsible.

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Supervalu Security Breach: Customer Credit Card Info Compromised

supervalu breach

One of the biggest grocery chains in the US, Supervalu, became a victim to a recent credit card hack. A portion of the company’s computer network has been exposed leaving sensitive credit and debit card information at risk. Data from card transactions used from June 22 to July 17 may have been stolen, as announced by the US Company, affecting over 180 Supervalu markets and liquor shops across the country.


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Nessus and Metasploit: Scan networks in pivoting

Tools: Nessus, Metasploit, Nmap, proxychains.

Attention: In our tests proxychains works only on 32 bit Backtrack 5

One of the best features that Metasploit offers is the ability of “pivoting”.  With this technique, an attacker can use a compromised machine as a “pivot” to attack other machines in the same or in other networks that the compromised host can reach.

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