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Sneaky Man in the Middle Attack Exposed

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Hi folks!

What happens if during an engagement you find yourself working on a well configured network with no remotely exploitable vulnerabilities? You could say “rely on traffic sniffing and mount a Man-in-the-Middle attack”.

You are right! But in this scenario the network admin configured the switches to perform Dynamic ARP Inspection. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot launch an ARP poisoning attack to intercept or mangle the traffic.


What can we do now? Well, my memory goes back to my sysadmin days when I saw some legit examples of remote network nodes pushing new routing information to the clients. I am sure that with some research you can figure out what it is. Moreover, some tools exploit this, but they do not completely do what we want to achieve here.

Unfortunately, this is just half of the picture, we need something more! To know what I am talking about, I invite you to join me on a webinar on October 20th, titled:

Sneaky Man in the Middle Attack Exposed

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Were we will see a custom solution to this problem! No readily available tools can do this. I do believe that this is a great opportunity for penetration testers and network defenders. Not to mention our PTS, PTP and PND students!

See you!

PS: Another thing… An insider told me that there will be a free PTSv3 Full Edition for one of the lucky attendees. So it’s better to reserve your seat!



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