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See through the eyes of a Pentester – Live Pentesting Scenario in Hera Lab

We’re now in the midst of 2017, and to kick off the year right, we decided to get down and dirty and go back to the basics. On January 24th – as promised – we’re going to get technical and bring all of you behind the scenes of a real-world penetration test in See through the eyes of a Pentester – Live Pentesting Scenario in Hera Lab.

Step into the world of a pentester

We’ll first have an extended introduction, and talk about what it entails to be an actual Penetration Tester. We’ll find out more about the pentester as a job role, and go inside one’s mind to learn about the processes and methodologies he/she uses to perform his tasks.

Live hacking

True to eLearnSecurity‘s hands-on and practical nature, the webinar will also have a live penetration testing demonstration of a scenario in Hera Lab. We will go through the most vital steps involved in a project, steps that aspiring pentesters should know by heart.

Tackling topics from job requirements to job description, and from information gathering to post-exploitation, attendees will come out of the webinar with a general idea of what it’s like to be in the shoes of a career penetration tester.

Pentesting for everyone!

Since we expect the webinar to leave you with an enhanced hankering for pentests, we’ll also send everyone off with a free Penetration Testing Student training course for you to continue your pursuit of IT security knowledge.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a feel of what it takes to be a kick-ass pentester, register and join us on January 24 2017, 1 PM ET to find out!

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