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Save up to 25% off your course fees

Boost your information security career and become proficient in industry-standard roles such as Incident Responder, Vulnerability  Analyst, Secure Software Assessor, and more… To help you get started, we’re now offering volume discounts based on the number of courses you enroll in at once.

How do our volume discounts work?

Our new volume discounts are based on the number of courses you enroll in at once. You can either pick one of our training paths or a combination of courses of your choice.

The discount automatically applies on the complete amount of all course fees in one transaction so you won’t need a coupon code. Several transactions, existing courses, or consecutive enrollments will not be considered for a volume discount.

Here’s how these combined course fees are discounted:

Enroll in 2 courses
= Get 10% off
Enroll in 3 courses
= Get 15% off 
Enroll in 4 courses
= Get 20% off
Enroll in 5+ courses
= Get 25% off 

The volume discounts are valid for course fees only, but cannot be used for installments, be combined with any other offers, or used for a group of students. Please click here for corporate enrollments: eLearnSecurity.com/organization

Get 15% off your chosen training path

Our new Training Paths were developed to help you become proficient in industry-standard roles outlined in the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework by NIST. By enrolling in one of our Training Paths, you’ll get 15% off your course fees. But that’s not all, following a training path has more value than just a volume discount. Click below to find out more:

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