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Penetration Testing Professional version 4 Launch Webinar Highlights

On June 21st 2016, we launched the latest installment of the Penetration Testing Professional IT security training course. With PTPv4 marking its first week, let’s take a look back at the events from the Launch Webinar.


We kicked off the event at exactly 1 PM EDT, with the hordes of attendees exceeding well over the GoToWebinar capacity even before the webinar started. We also had a #PTPv4 party on Twitter, and the place was buzzing with people eagerly awaiting the big reveal.


With hundreds more at the gates, the party also spilled onto Facebook Live.


The launch was hosted by eLearnSecurity founder and CEO Armando Romeo – broadcasting live from sunny California, in our new Silicon Valley headquarters. The move to the world’s tech capital, according to Armando, is a prelude to something great which will be announced in the coming weeks.


“I have never attended a pentesting training. But I wish I did.

As Armando said during his keynote, training courses are not the solitary method of becoming a professional pentester. Apparently, Armando himself has never taken any penetration testing courses. With information freely available anywhere, finding guides and tutorials is a relatively easy task. However, with the vast array of information at your disposal also comes the frustration of finding out which is right for you.

This is where PTP comes in – it gives students a proven and guided learning path in their journey to becoming a professional penetration tester.



Now is the best time

Armando also stressed the importance of how it’s the best time to be an IT security professional. The US alone lacks more than 200,000 security professionals, with projections of 1.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions worlwide by 2019.



Hera Lab – the most sophisticated virtual lab in IT Security

Amid all the PTPv4 furor, it was eLearnSecurity’s very own virtual labs – Hera Lab – that stole the show with its unique feature of providing real-world scenarios in a completely isolated environment. Some of the attendees certainly loved it.



Fan favorites

A few of the key features of PTPv4 that were a hit to everyone were the completely revamped System Security section and the Ruby for Pentesters section.



United States to Italy

Armando handed over the reins of the webinar to PTPv4 course author Francesco Stillavato, who was hosting from our Pisa office, to go in-depth on the course interface and do a live demo of Hera Lab.



1004 winners

Prizes were not in short supply during the PTPv4 launch, with all 1000 attendees winning an Early Bird Access to the top secret project Armando and the eLS team is working on. On top of this, 4 out of the 1000 winners came away with even more prizes.



The prizes? One Elite Edition of the Penetration Testing Professional version 4 IT security training course, and three 50% Off vouchers for any eLearnSecurity training course or bundle.



PTPv4 is LIVE!

The latest version of Penetration Testing Professional is available now! To learn more about the most comprehensive and practical training course in penetration testing, click here.



In case you missed it

You can still catch the full PTPv4 webinar when you visit our archive. Aside from our course launches, we also regularly invite IT Security experts to talk about different topics. These are mostly hands-on shows where you can see live attacks, ways to protect networks or web applications. Get access to our webinar archive now!


From Santa Clara, Pisa, and Dubai,

All of us at eLearnSecurity would like to thank each and every one of you for your support ever since day 1, and for making the PTPv4 launch webinar a success. It was great seeing familiar faces, email addresses, and Twitter handles, and it’s a joy for us meeting new ones. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

‘Til our next course (or top secret project) launch!

-the eLS team

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