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Penetration testing Professional v2 now available

eLearnSecurity is proud to announce the immediate availability of the new Penetration Testing Course Professional v2 and the new Virtual Labs called Hera.

Version 1 of our training course has had over 2,000 students from 82 different countries in the world and professionals Military agencies and Fortune 50.

However we really felt the need to bring our training course to the next level to incorporate:

  • All our students feedbacks
  • More practical sessions
  • More advanced techniques
  • More coverage of Metasploit and SET
  • Better methodologies

Today we are not just announcing a new training course.
We are announcing a new way to practice Penetration testing: Hera Lab.

This revolutionary lab, built in-house by our engineering team, allows our students to:

  • Practice with Real world targets and real world networks
  • Enjoy user-isolated exclusive access to labs
  • Access the Lab at any time with the On-demand mode
Highly detailed and well thought Lab Manuals accompany each lab.
Discover Hera Lab here and download the Syllabus of our new course here


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  • Krypsys says:

    This looks wonderful, they’re aren’t many truly great pentesting courses, especially advanced ones. However, this sounds fantastic.

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