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One year later, where we are

If you are wondering what happened since last post well, we’d need a full book to describe.
Nothing bad, all awesome things. Things got hectic and projects and opportunities for us endless.

This won’t forgive us for not being present on the blog but you know this is start-up life in a tough world like Information Security.

So we decided to share some numbers with you one year after our debut as a training provider for penetration testing matters. Also please allow us to use magnitude orders and not actual numbers.
This won’t be your Information Gathering page, sorry competitors.

In the past 12 months we have had more than 1,000 students from 75 different countries worldwide.
Thanks to the different courses proposed (Beginner course and Professional course) we were able to address different needs at different prices.

Distinguishing ourselves from the other provider was one of my personal main goals when starting this project. Making quality training affordable was our mantra.

That’s why our Money back guarantee program and our 3 installments payment model won the trust of hundreds of students who either didn’t trust us in the beginning or just didn’t know if Penetration testing was the career that they wanted.

Making the entrypoint to this industry more affordable and less stressful is why you love us and why we are here for many years ahead.

Coliseum Lab
How not to mention our revolutionary web application security lab.
This took us months and months of coding by our engineers (we are a company of computer engineers with a passion for Info Sec). This has now become a great place where to learn web app security through real world goal-based scenarios.


Ok why it’s revolutionary. First it’s the first multi-platform web app security lab. So you can learn on different stacks and different OS’s. Second, it’s revolutionary on how it allows teachers (and soon the community) to upload and generate new challenges on-the-fly for other students/researchers to enjoy.

On top of our Coliseum Lab framework, we have created a pakage of battles (real world vulnerable websites) that we called (proving our great ability in picking names) Web Application Security 360 (WAS360). WAS360 teaches web app security through 100% hands on training, in the cloud.
Now don’t ever think this is a hacme bank or a “hey this is a form with a XSS, hack it”.
We made it so you can ask for help when you need it and receive useful educational contents (text images and videos) on how to move forward.
All of the “battles” that you find in it are real world vulnerable websites.

Coliseum Lab as you know it now is only the beginning and more awesome features will be announced in the coming months with a possibility to use it for FREE !

To wrap up, expect more posts here on the blog sharing our new projects progress and more information about our upcoming events and contests.
Stay tuned!


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