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NITWITs will be using the eLearnSecurity IT security training course

eLearnSecurity is pleased to announce that NITWITs will be using the eLearnSecurity training for its classroom lessons.
NITWITs is a community lead effort between the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Durham College students to teach and learn new skills to stay up to date in the security industry. By providing hands on experience and access to resources and equipment that may otherwise limit an individual. NITWITs works towards expanding knowledge and offering online and in person workshops between students and anyone willing to learn.
eLearnSecurity is looking forward to supporting NITWITs team in building the IT security skills required to compete in the growing IT Security job market.

The demo of the course NITWITs will be using can be found here:



Penetration Testing Student course starts from the very basics and covers Networking and Programming skills every Penetration tester should have.

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