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New year’s projects revealed


At the end of the year there are two things I’m used to do as a founder:

  1. Plan next year’s exciting projects
  2. Look back and see what we have done so far (as a company)

eLearnSecurity was born as a project in 2010 and as a company in 2011. Only 3 years ago!

However, when I even think about the launch of ARES in September (only 3 months ago) it looks so far in the past.
Distant memories!

Stressful brainstorming sessions

Just imagine how 3 years feel like. Ages.
It’s the time distortion you have when you do so many things in such a little time: every day is full and challenging and you can’t keep track of time.

Back then, we began working from our homes. Knife in and angry as those birds about the state of the art of IT Security training.

Today eLearnSecurity has 3 offices in 3 different continents and a team of IT Security specialists that grows 100% every year (there’s a joke in our office as I never know the exact number of employees because someone new is joining every month).

We were a brand new company. Today eLearnSecurity is leading the field with over 3500 students in 120 countries, strong investors and some of the most important government agencies and multinationals training their staffs with us.

On the right you can appreciate a brainstorming session in our recreation area in Dubai’s office … 😉


The reason for this success is simple: we concentrate on what students want.

The student wants clear contents, that are up to date, relevant and easy to understand.

The student also wants ready to use (read practical) skills. Not some encyclopedia. No employer needs theory.

The student wants to prove their practical skills through a practical assessment!

Ultimately the student wants to have their questions answered. Politely, maybe friendly and possibly timely.

Simple? Well not so much.

We had to engineer the most sophisticated virtual labs on the market for this. (No one can beat Hera or Coliseum. No-one)

We had to partner with top IT Security training authors and researchers to come up with comprehensive professional material.

We had to build a team of internal specialists who could create 100% practical exam scenarios and help the students whenever they needed help.

We had to invest in R&D to make sure we would always be ahead of others with new technology and new projects (Hack.me, JustCrypt.it and so on).

It seems we managed to do this considering the amount of love we receive from our students every single day.
(We measure our success from the students’ feedback, not much on the number of resellers we have).

BUT, we seriously are NEVER satisfied. Not one single day we feel accomplished or important or anything close to realized.
That’s they only way to always innovate and bring you…


In 2013 we have launched 4 new training courses covering new areas like Web Application Security and Reverse Engineering.
We are now recognized as leaders in the fields of Web Application offensive and defensive techniques with our WAPT and PWD training courses (not to mention our amazing labs Coliseum and HACK.me).

2014 will be as rich of learning opportunities as 2013 with more areas to be covered and new updates on our best selling training courses.

I’m particularly proud of this years’ very first release though.

It’s something we have been working on for the past 14 months (with lots of internal alpha versions) and something our students have long awaited:


MASPT training course

Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing training course

Yes! The first e-learning course entirely dedicated to mobile application security and penetration testing with tons of practical examples, exercises and video material is coming THIS MONTH (January 2014).

 As in all our training courses, I’m highly involved as a “first student” and I can tell you I devoured the material, that our Senior researcher Francesco Stillavato has created, and I only wish I had more time to dig myself into the many COMPLETELY NEW research opportunities provided by mobile security (sometimes I have to even take care eLearnSecurity as a company 😉 ).

As you know, my main areas of interest are network and especially web application pentesting and I wanted MASPT to be a game changer for every Infosec practitioner with my same background: just imagine how many new services you can provide after you master Mobile device pentesting. I can tell you that after so many internal reviews and improvements, the training course is ready for your eyes.

And even if you are not yet a professional pentester, the excitement while playing with Android and iOS devices, running your own code, subverting OS’s and doing all this in practice is tremendous (I feel some kind of self-accomplishment when I learn something new by doing, do you?).

Are we done? No of course. I won’t spill all the beans in a blog post. But I will leave you with a hint.

The first quarter of 2014 will be dedicated to our Penetration testing courses…with 1 MAJOR update. And boy, is this an update!

Don’t ask for more details though (but guessing should not be hard)!



Our goal of taking the IT Security training field by the storm with e-learning courses that change careers (therefore lives, relationships, wealth…) and minds (look at our logo) is always right there in front of us and closer and closer to be achieved.

We are more and more committed to surprise you with new amazing projects and lead you hand in hand in a successful IT Security career.

Aim high, Fly higher, Study eLearnSecurity!

…and have a great 2014!



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