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Network Attack Demo from XSS to Domain Admin

Active Directory policies can be used by System Administrators to deploy systems and users preferences, secure systems, lock down the workstation, create user accounts etc. By default, the active directory policies have Read permissions granted to the domain users.

IT Security Researcher Davide Girardi (aka GiRa) attempts to gain full access to a local administrator account‘s records as well as execute an escalation to a full domain admin account. Can he do it?

Attack Demo from XSS to Domain Admin – FREE Webinar Access

From XSS to Domain Admin Attack Demo – Can he Hack it?

In this set-up, the network’s client and server operating systems are up-to-date. There is a DMZ between the two firewalls and a company website. This is a demonstration of a real world network attack so watch the webinar and follow the process step by step. The demo is done in the most sophisticated lab in the world – HERA Lab!

Here’s a video teaser of the webinar.


Access the full video and the rest of our technical webinars for FREE here – From XSS to Domain Admin Attack FREE Webinar Access

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