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#MyInfoSecStory Contest: Win The Course Of Your Choice

Has eLearnSecurity or one of our training courses helped you or your career? We’d love to know that story! Get a chance to win your favorite course this month with our #MyInfoSecStory LinkedIn contest. Discover how to enter and the guidelines for your chance win below.

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  • Bob Gilmore says:

    This giveaway is a little hypocritical . If someone has already been helped be a course, then they really don’t need another free course except to branch out in another direction of learning. Give the free course to someone who hasn’t already taken one of your courses…who isn’t already certified…someone who this could actually help the most! Because the focus I am seeing here seems to be on helping people into infosec so that should be the purpose the contest should actually accomplish!! But, sadly, I am aware that the bottom line is basically to provide testimonials and market ELS trainings.

    • Marine D. says:

      Hi Bob!

      I do not think that this contest is “hypocritical”, it is actually our way to give back to our existing students for trusting us to advance their careers. And we do love a good story!

      Each contest is different, so we’ll keep you in mind and open the next one to all. 😊

      In the meantime, if you’re interested in becoming an eLearnSecurity students, you can have a look at our current “Beginner Month” offer (A free PTS training course in Elite Edition with every enrollment in PTP Elite) > https://blog.elearnsecurity.com/february-is-our-beginner-month.html

      You can also join The Ethical Hacker Network and receive a free PTS in Barebone Edition (If you’re interested in a higher Edition, you’ll have a discount to upgrade later on). > ethicalhacker.com/register

      Hope that helps!

      • Sean Fears says:

        Upgrading PTS is a great way to get started! I started by upgrading PTS Barebones to Elite, and the price is pretty reasonable when you consider that you’re getting the course and the certification exam in one package. That goes double if you’re new to the field, as the PTS course will set you up for success in follow on courses! The only regret that I have is that I couldn’t afford to upgrade to Elite on the PTP, and (IMHO) the ability to access PDFs dramatically improved the speed with which I could move through PTS, since I could essentially study the material whether I had an internet connection or not.

        • Marine D. says:

          Hi Sean! First of all, congratulations on becoming an eJPT 😉 We wish you the best of luck in your next challenge and as an Instructor!

    • Michael Wurner says:

      As someone who has taken 3 eLearnSecuirty courses (PTP, WAPT, PTX) I know the value and diversity of the courses and would love a free course. They have a lot to offer.

      • Marine D. says:

        Thanks for trusting us and for your kind words Michael! We’ve read your story on LinkedIn, loved it. Stay tuned for the results on Feb. 21 🙂

  • Saqib says:

    I wont mind getting a free course either. My eyes are on THP already if I win Offcourse 🙂 I think Its a good initiative 🙂

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