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Congratulations to the winners of MISSION: Dubai!

After weeks of stiff competition – and hours upon hours of conclave – the judges have finally reached a decision, and we’re thrilled to announce the winners of eLearnSecurity‘s biggest contest yet – MISSION: Dubai.

We couldn’t have been any happier watching the videos, as they were able to showcase not only the presenters’ stories, but also their (sometimes very animated) personalities. The videos widely varied – from serious and insightful to the downright hilarious. Deliberating which among the entries were deserving of the prizes proved to be quite the chore.

But, only one can win the trip to Dubai. And before we get on with the winners, here again are all the MISSION: Dubai submissions.

mission_dubai_video_blog MISSION: Dubai Video Entries


And now…


The 3rd runners-up, and winners (yes, more than one!) of the eLearnSecurity training courses in the Barebone Edition are Kapil Agarwal and Marek Chmel! Kapil amused us with his Star Wars references, an awesome soundtrack, and a sweet video game-themed video of his eLS experience. Marek, on the other hand, gave us an inspiring story of how his training allowed him to give back to the community, acting as a team mentor in an international hacking event.

The 2nd runner-up spot and the eLearnSecurity course in the Full Edition goes to Jason MacLeod, with his in-depth review of the Penetration Testing Student training course, and how it helped him to get his first job in infosec after years in law and research.

Choosing the top 2 winners was especially tough. The quality and content of both videos were top notch, and it was a tight race ’til the end!

Bagging 1st runner-up and the Elite Edition training course is…. Arun Saravanan! His video caught our eyes from the onset, with the Mr. Robot (Mr. Arun) theme and professional-calibre videography and storytelling even Nat Geo would admire.

This now leaves us with only the much-awaited top prize. In case you weren’t following, the creator of the best video gets awarded with a trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, which includes roundtrip flights, a 3-night hotel stay, a one-on-one with eLearnSecurity Founder and CEO Armando Romeo at the 7-star Burj al Arab, tickets to the At The Top at the sky-high Burj Khalifa, and a choice between jumping over the iconic Palm Jumeirah man-made islands with Skydive Dubai, or a scenic helicopter tour of the city.

The grand winner who will be flying out to Dubai to meet the team is none other than Costin-Alin Neacsu. Costin’s video shocked all of us when we first saw it, as it was 17 minutes long! In it, he goes into detail about the courses he took, how it was able to benefit his career, and even hosted his own unofficial contest giving away eLS merchandise!

But, no one is going away empty-handed. All MISSION: Dubai entrants get a 15% discount on their next eLS training course or bundle. Not only that, but in Costin’s contest, he promised to also give out eLearnSecurity shirts and stickers to his competitors.

HUGE thanks go out to everyone who participated and helped make MISSION: Dubai a success. Congratulations to the winners – we’ll be getting in touch with you through email regarding your prizes. And again, congratulations, Costin! We’ll be seeing you in Dubai soon!

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  • Arun says:

    Hi Costin,

    I just missed the trip to dubai, but I am really happy that you won the first place.
    Happy Journey and have a great time in dubai 🙂
    Costin, by the way please don’t forget to send the T-Shirts and Stickers 🙂

    Thank you,



    • Kristoffer Santiago says:

      Congrats again, Arun! Too bad you weren’t drawn as the winner for Costin’s. Although maybe you could convince him to send you one as well! 😉

  • Marek Chmel says:

    Congratulations not only to the winners, but to everybody, who took the contest and made a video about his (did I miss any video, or we really did not have any from any security lady?) story!!

    Special congrats to Costin, enjoy the Dubai

    • Kristoffer Santiago says:

      Hey Marek! Congratulations on making it to the winners’ list! 🙂 Yeah, we were kind of surprised too that there weren’t any submissions from the ladies. Maybe on the next mission though. 🙂

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