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MISSION: Dubai Video Entries

On October 2016, we launched MISSION: Dubai, the biggest video competition this side of IT Security has ever seen. In the goal of spreading the word on how eLearnSecurity training has helped in advancing the careers of IT security professionals the world over, we asked our students to become eLS brand ambassadors and tell others about what they’ve accomplished.

We would reward the creator of the most compelling, most inspiring video with a trip to Dubai, packed with activities that show what the city is all about.

Over the past months, videos came in from students all around the globe, ranging from the classic interview style, to the comedic, and even to all-out feats of film-making! 😉 Oh, and one of them even threw in his very own contest in the mix, as well. Props if you can find which one!

While the mission isn’t over yet, we just couldn’t wait to show you the videos we received. Without further ado, here are some members of the eLearnSecurity Community telling you what they think of our training courses and how it has helped them in their respective careers.

Videos are arranged by date received.

 Zechariah Akinpelu, MBA

Zechariah is the Application and Database Security Control Team Lead at Nigeria’s Fidelity Bank PLC. Due to his achievements in his field – and with the help of his Web Application Penetration Testing training, he was nominated and is included as a finalist for the Ethical Hacker of the Year Award.


 Costin-Alin Neacsu

Costin is a familiar face and a respected voice in the Community Forums. And for good reason, as he holds 3 eLearnSecurity certifications – the eCPPT, eWPT, and the eCRE. Costin is the Security Analysis Advisor at NTT Data in Bucharest.


 Jesus Castello



Jesus was previously the Community Manager at the eLearnSecurity Forums. He has been one of the longest eCPPT-certified students, gaining his way back in 2011. Jesus is now creating advanced Ruby tutorials for developers in his own website, BlackBytes.info.


 Arun Saravanan

Admittedly a script kiddie back in his college days, Arun took training courses such as the Penetration Testing Student, Penetration Testing Professional, and most recently, Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing. He found eLS training as a structured way for him to pursue his long-time dream of becoming a penetration tester. Currently, Arun is the Senior Security Analyst at IBM Software Labs in India.


 Patryk Prauze

Like most people, Patryk got into eLearnSecurity training through colleagues who have taken the course previously, and found the courses to be interesting and enjoyed the practical, hands-on approach. Patryk, who works at ING Services in Poland as an IT Security Specialist, is currently enrolled in PTS, and is aiming to pursue a career in penetration testing this coming year.


 Marek Chmel

Marek is a 4-time Microsoft MVP awardee and the SQL Server Database Administrator for AT&T in the Czech Republic. After taking eLS training and getting eJPT and eNDP-certified, Marek was able to utilize the skills he gained from the courses in various consultation jobs, and even qualified him as a Lead Mentor for an international hackathon event.


 Jimmy Bruneel

Jimmy is an eJPT and eCPPT-certified IT security professional from Belgium. Having taken these two training courses, he was able to land a bunch of customers for projects requiring his expertise. Currently, Jimmy is enrolled in every single one of our courses, being a holder of the All Access Pass, and is looking to tackle the WAPT and MASPT next.


 Kapil Agarwal

Kapil discovered eLearnSecurity, and the PTS training course, while searching for a way into penetration testing after graduating from University of California – San Diego. He is now working as a Security Engineer for Hyundai AutoEver America in California.


 James Hemmings

James has years upon years of IT (and even firefighting) experience under his belt, but decided to pursue his interest in security after taking the PTS and PTP training courses. Currently, James is a third-year student in Abertay University in the UK taking up Ethical Hacking.


 Jason MacLeod

Perhaps one of our most decorated students, Jason is first and foremost a lawyer, with a Masters’ degree in Law from UC Berkeley. He also has a Bachelor’s in Arts from the University of Washington, a Masters’ in Science from Oxford. Jason is also a holder of several security certifications, among them the eJPT, and with an eCPPT on the horizon. He is currently the Security Risk Analyst for the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in the US.


 Jared Hall

Jared’s video is officially the last entry to MISSION: Dubai, being posted less than 10 minutes before the deadline. Until very recently, Jared has been working as a motion graphics designer. He quit his job to follow his passion in IT security, and is currently enrolled in the PTS course to help pave his way into the field.


The MISSION continues….but not for long!

Think you can do better? Get your story heard and win yourself a prize – one of 3 eLearnSecurity training courses, or even that coveted Dubai vacation!

MISSION: Dubai is still open for your videos, but not for too much longer. The contest ends on November 30th at 11:59 PM PST!

Got your videos ready? Post them here.

UPDATE (12/1/2016): MISSION: Dubai has now come to a close! You can view the list of winners here.

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