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UNLOCKED and Unboxed – Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing v2

We’ve been teasing you about it for way too long. But the time has finally come – the most awaited upgrade to the Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing training course: MASPTv2 has officially been UNLOCKED!

And, more good news – from now until October 11th 2016 11:59 PM PDT, you can pre-order MASPTv2 and get up to $400 off on course fees!

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Regular course fee: $799 Regular course fee: $999 Regular course fee: $1,199
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Harder, better, faster, stronger

In a time when there are more mobile devices than there are people, and with the growth of mobile malware at an alarming rate, mobile security skills should be an ace up any IT security professional’s sleeve.

MASPTv2 gets you ready for challenges from mobile threats and attack vectors with the eLearnSecurity-brand of structured learning: starting you with the basics, and then delving deep into iOS and Android – in the most efficient way possible, as can always be expected from eLS training.

As a major upgrade to version 1, MASPTv2 features:

  • A streamlined user interface – easy to navigate, professional slides and HD quality videos
  • 18 new mobile apps for hands-on training
  • Up-to-date tools and techniques: including APKTool, Dex2Jar, GDB Debugger, Cycript, and many others
  • 21 modules covering everything there is to know
  • Newest attack vectors on the latest mobile OS’s
  • Device jailbreaking
  • In-depth explanations of iOS and Android architectures, security models, and much more

Forged by the masters

Guiding you on your MASPT journey will be some of the best in the industry – our very own IT Security Training Director, Francesco Stillavato. Francesco is the co-author of Penetration Testing Professional, Penetration Testing Student, as well as MASPTv1, and is also the author of all scenarios in the state-of-the-art virtual labs – Hera Lab. Basically, Francesco’s mark is on pretty much all things eLearnSecurity.

Joining him is a prominent Black Hat, DEFCON, and BSides figure – Tony Trummer. With 20 years of IT experience, Tony has plenty of accolades under his belt – including a nod in the Android Security Acknowledgements for his contributions in improving the platform’s security. He is currently serving as Tinder Inc.’s Director of Security Engineering.

Rounding out the team is another Black Hat and AppSec regular, Tushar Dalvi. Specializing in application security, his focus is mainly on vulnerability research and assessment of mobile apps. Tushar was formerly working as a security consultant at Intel Security-McAfee’s Foundstone Services, and is now LinkedIn’s Senior Information Security Engineer.

Zero-day offers

The Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing version 2 training course is available for all you zero-day hunters at a pre-launch offer! Until Friday, September 30th 2016 at 11:59 PM PDT October 11th 2016 at 11:59 PM PDT (yep, we extended them for you!), you can pre-enroll to any Edition of MASPTv2 and save up to $400 in course fees! The course material will be available in your members area on October 12th 2016.


  • Lifetime access to training material
  • Support via email

Course fee: $799

  • Barebone Edition plus:
  • Video training material
  • Hands-on apps
  • Lifetime forum access
  • Standard exam voucher valid for 180 days

Course fee: $999

  • Full Edition plus:
  • Mobile access to course material
  • Training material downloadable
  • Exam voucher with no expiry date
  • Certificate shipping included

Course fee: $1199

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Pre-filled Promo Codes: click ‘Redeem’ before Check-out to avail of the pre-order offer


There has never been a better time to get into mobile security. Unlock your skills with Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing version 2.

Still not convinced???

Are you seriously still unsure if MASPTv2 is for you? (It is!) But okay, go ahead and try the Free Demo before you pre-order.

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