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Lifetime Access To Your Virtual Labs? Granted!

“Your lab hours have expired” is no more! We’re glad to announce that Hera lab hours now have lifetime validity, and you are free to use them up whenever you want.

Hera Virtual Labs Granted for a Lifetime!

Depending on which course Edition you are enrolled in, your number of lab hours can vary. Courses in Full Edition usually offer around 30 to 60 hours in your respective virtual labs, while courses in Elite Edition offer up to 120 lab hours. Lab expiry no more… From today onward, you’ll be able to access your respective Hera Virtual labs whenever you wish, as long as you have usable hours left in your account. Yaasss! 

This is valid for all Hera lab hours, regardless of the date of enrollment. New or old student, everyone can benefit from this. If your unused lab hours already expired before, they will show up in your members’ area again since they have been re-activated for you.

So How Many Hours Do I Have?

The actual lab hours are not infinite, but their access is. You can always see the remaining hours in your members’ area. Let’s say you are enrolled in the PTP course in Elite Edition, you are entitled to 120 lab hours. You can use them up however and whenever you wish. Your time will only be deducted per minute when you are actually connected to the lab!

You can access your virtual labs until you finish those 120 hours, and those are usually more than enough to complete the course and then some…

What If I Really Do Need More Hours To Train?

If you really used up all the available lab hours for one of your courses but still need more time to train, then you can find extension options inside your members’ area.

Want to know more about our courses using those awesome virtual labs?

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