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IzzieDocs: A brand new eLS project

Are you worried about storing sensitive documents in the cloud? We are and you should be too.

We here at eLearnSecurity are passionate about teaching and building IT Security tools. One of our latest projects is Izziedocs – an easy to use tool to get military-grade encryption for your documents in the cloud.


What is IzzieDocs?

IzzieDocs is a FREE revolutionary cloud application (developed in the eLearnSecurity R&D laboratories) that lets you create, edit and share client-side encrypted documents on Google Drive. Unlike other solutions, with IzzieDocs, you can share encrypted documents just like any other Google Drive file. No need for pre-shared passwords or software to install.


Encrypting Files and Sensitive Information

With IzzieDocs, you can finally encrypt and manage sensitive data and host it in the cloud so it’s available anywhere from any device. It is a must have add-on if you want to protect your documents while enjoying the power and flexibility of Google Drive. It is suitable for storing highly sensitive data such as:

  • Your pentest findings and logs ☺
  • Social Security Numbers
  • PII
  • Intellectual property
  • Any secret

For more information and to find out how it works, please visit the website at https://www.izziecloud.com/docs

Why IzzieDocs

IzzieDocs is part of IzzieCloud, a platform that we are building in our R&D (where we deal with things not strictly related to training) and that we’ll release in 2015. This is an area of high interest for us as you can tell from another project of ours : https://justcrypt.it

There’s a lot to come under this project so stay tuned on this blog for more announcement and…enjoy storing your encrypted documents in the cloud.


andrea_tarquiniAndrea Tarquini is an IT Security researcher and software analyst/developer at eLearnSecurity. He is the main developer of JustCryptIt and IzzieCloud. He is also the author of ‘Ruby for Penetration testing and Metasploit’ section of Penetration Testing Course Professional.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreatarquini



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