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Introducing the Purple Team Member Training Path

Designed to help you gain both offensive and defensive skills, the Purple Team Member training path is the most advanced and hands-on training path on purple teaming in the market. Read more below.

The Purple Team Member Training Path

The Purple Team Member training path is oriented towards IT security professionals who want to possess both cutting-edge offensive and defensive skills.

The path starts by teaching you the most up-to-date penetration testing methodology and attacking techniques so that you acquire a basic understanding of how attackers operate. Then, you will dive into the world of advanced penetration testing and red teaming. Armed with this knowledge, in addition to knowing how to create your own custom attack vectors and how to evade modern defenses, you will be able to deeply understand and simulate how advanced adversaries perform their operations.

The Purple Team Member path ends by providing you with threat hunting and threat intelligence skills. In this final stage, you will combine what you learned in the previous stages with cutting-edge intrusion detection techniques, to proactively hunt down adversaries in your network.

After completing this training path, you will be an all-around and highly skilled Purple Team member that will be capable of not only simulating advanced adversaries but also hunting intruders on endpoints, the wire and in memory.

This training path helps you develop proficiency in the NIST role of Cyber Instructor.

The Cyber Instructor Role

As a cyber instructor, you will be in charge of developing and conducting training or education of personnel within a cyber domain. You need to be highly qualified in both offensive and defensive sides of IT Security in order to share your knowledge, experience, and personal lessons with other professionals.

Get started with your professional training

Get started on the Purple Team Member path, click on the course icon/s below to request a free course demo:

Penetration Testing Professional (PTP)

Penetration Testing Extreme (PTX)

Threat Hunting Professional (THP)

Get 15% off the course fees when you enroll in this training path and receive lifetime course-updates at no extra cost when you complete it by obtaining all 3 certifications.

A Solution For Companies Of All Sizes

From Junior to Expert in the world’s largest organizations, we provide each member of your team with relevant practical cybersecurity skills. Have one of our specialists show you what this training path is capable to do for your IT Security team, fill in this form to schedule a demo and know more about our corporate solutions.

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