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Introducing the PTSv4 Training Course

The Penetration Testing Student training course version 4 (PTSv4) is now open for enrollment. Discover more about it and get started with a special launch offer!

Every expert was once a beginner. The PTSv4 training course aims at teaching our students the accepted methodology and today’s most common tools used during network and webapp penetration testing.

Including more content than ever before, the PTSv4 training course now

  • Closes all gaps with PTPv5, providing the student with everything necessary to tackle eLearnSecurity’s most comprehensive course on professional penetration testing.

  • Features 9 additional videos

  • Offers 4 new lab scenarios  

  • Includes 3 brand-new “Blind Penetration Tests”, real-life penetration test engagements in Hera Lab.

From the comfort of your home, you can challenge yourself with real-world engagements to be fully prepared for the challenging eJPT practical exam.

The eJPT certification is one of our best-seller’s. And for good cause, becoming certified eJPT proves your practical skills as a Penetration Tester.

In fact, instead of putting you through a simple MCQ, you are expected to perform a real penetration test against a real-world network.

The PTSv4 training course and its associated certification will give you the confidence you need to handle the technical portions of a job interview and the hands-on, practical experience to land a position as a Jr. Penetration Tester.

GET 20% OFF!

On the occasion of the launch of our new PTSv4 training course, we’re offering you 20% off your training course fees! Simply use the coupon code “PTS-D4A” to get this launch offer:


Already one of our students? Make sure to check your emails for an exclusive offer 😉 

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  • Abdullah says:


    I want to know on the Full package PTSv4 how many times I can retake the final exam?

    Another question : if I enrolled today do I have a limited period to do the course or I can access it and take the exam at any month or year that I’m available?


    • Marine D. says:

      Hi Adbullah,

      Should you fail the first attempt you will have one (1) free retake to be used within 14 days (this applies only to FULL Edition). If you have the ELITE Edition you will have three (3) free retakes.

      Again, if you have the Full Edition, you will have 180 days to take the exam before the voucher expires. However, with the Elite Edition, there is no time limit.

      In all Editions, you will get lifetime access to the course materials as well as the labs (until you complete all of your lab hours, in which case you can always purchase extra).

      Let me know if you have any question 🙂

  • LUCA GARZONE says:

    Hi, I’m very interested in this PTSv4 course! I’m tell you if this course is able in Italian leangueges.

    Thank You for the response.


  • Marine D. says:

    Hi Sherlin,

    PTS stands for Penetration Testing Students, which is the name of our training course, v4 stands for version 4, and eJPT stands for eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester, which is the certification you’ll receive by completing the PTS training course.

    Hope that clarifies it all! 🙂

  • bass says:

    Hi I have the ptsv3 course elite edition and in the midst of it. Will like to ask if there is any way to upgrade the course to v4 at lower cost as it seems the certification etc is the same but the contents are more updated. Also, I am an existing student but did not receive any exclusive offer in my email.. thanks in advance

    • Marine D. says:

      Hi Bass,
      Existing students and PTS students received a special offer via email. Make sure to check your promotion and spam folders, coupon code for an extra discount is included in it 🙂

      • bass says:

        Hi I have checked and double checked the spam and junk folders but didn’t receive any email on the extra discount. I did see one on the site for upgrade to ptsv4 elite which costs $299. Is that the code or is there another?

        • Marine D. says:

          As an existing PTS student, you should be able to upgrade to PTSv4 Elite for only $99. Make sure to be logged in when you use the coupon code “PTS-D4O”.

  • jay says:

    how do you access the free one? I registered and still don’t know how to access the free student portion the Barebone material?

    • Marine D. says:

      Hi Jay, you should’ve received an email with the instructions to redeem your free course. Do check your spam and promotion folders if you can’t find it in your inbox.

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