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Inauguration of our Youtube channel

What’s new today? We have just opened our Youtube channel! And the best part is that we will host video tutorials and live hacking examples done by our students, for our students.

Someone says that the best way to learn is by teaching. So we have decided to let some of our students create videos on topics assigned by our instructors. These are topics that our students find more difficult to understand or solutions to issues that are explained using different tools in our Penetration testing course here. Most of the times the best way to learn something difficult is to change view angle…

This initiative allows our instructors to keep students committed, focused and always learning.

In the beginning, our goal is to publish a video every week. With time we aim at involving more and more of our students and build a library of FREE quality video lessons online.

Our first video on sniffing and cracking in a simple scenario with Cain & Able is available here:

We hope you like it and that can send us your feedback or suggestions for new topics/tools to cover in our future lessons. Enjoy

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