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How To Build Your Personal Brand In The InfoSec Industry

A 3-steps-guide to building your personal brand and advancing your InfoSec career.

Developing a personal brand can offer numerous benefits to your life and career. In addition, it can also help in building up your confidence and credibility to future employers, or even business partners.

Here are some of the things to cross off your list to get started with your personal branding:

Build Up Social Media Profiles

Your presence on LinkedIn and other professional and educational networking sites can help build up your personal brand. Here are some of the things you should list:

  • Your experience: Where you have interned, worked, consulted, helped, etc.
  • Your accomplishments: What have you helped companies achieve? Have you organized a successful InfoSec event? Did you successfully handled a live attack?
  • Your tactical and personal skills: Both practical and personal skills make your personal brand. Indeed, practical skills show what you are capable of in your career, but personal skills will attract the right kind of partners and/or employers.
  • Your career goals: Did you reach your most valuable dream? Whether you have or not, list it here. You never know who might have insight or who can help you get there.

Create Valuable Content

It’s good to say what you’re capable of, it’s better to show it. Creating valuable content and giving back to the InfoSec community goes a long way to building your personal brand. Here are some ideas of content you can create to build your trust and authority:

  • Write “How-To” blogs and video tutorials to help others get better at whatever topics you feel is important to write about.
  • Share reviews on software and services to help guide others after you.
  • Participate in guest-speaking webinars to discuss your area of expertise and answer questions other professionals might have.
  • Redact blogs about your career to guide other professionals down the same path or about software/ tools that you use to teach them the tricks.
  • Record InfoSec-related podcasts if you’re not good at writing, but feel at ease taking on the microphone.

While there’s a multitude of possible content to create to build your personal brand, it’s important to remember that you want to focus on what people want to watch, listen or read about. To know that, it’s important to network with other professionals and aspiring professionals. Which bring us to our next point…

Network & Help Others

Make security conferences your best friend. But not only. From the comfort of your own home, you can network with students and professionals around the world via social media, forums, groups, and dedicated professional networks such as The Ethical Hacker Network.

Learn more about how the various ways EH-Net can add value to your career.

Networking with other professionals is not just about you and building your personal brand, it’s also about giving back to the InfoSec community like others before you might have helped you grow as well.

Building your personal brand takes a bit of time, but also bring to life endless opportunities, whether they are projects, new job offers, and/or also good friends with the same passion for all things security.

Interested in taking a first step to building your personal brand? Find out how you can get published on The Ethical Hacker Network today.

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