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How to build backdoors with msfpayload

There’s a new video in our Youtube channel.
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The new video will deal with Msfpayload, a handy utility shipped with Metasploit that lets you use shellcodes (payloads) and builds stand alone executables around them.

This video is split in two parts. In this first part, basic usage of msfpayload will be shown.
A meterpreter payload is used and which listener to use for each shellcode is discussed.

There are time when you would like to use netcat, and times when you cannot use it (e.g. you have selected a multi staged payload) and you have to initiate a multi handler listener through Metasploit.

The process is well explained so it shouldn’t be hard to follow through.

Next video will demonstrate the impact of the msfencode utility on Antiviruses in order to make your payloads less likely to be caught by your client defense tools.


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