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How the Crytek Computer Security Incident Response Team fully utilizes eLearnSecurity training

The Crytek Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) was publicly presented at CSIRT Task Force (TF-CSIRT) at their 48th Meeting in Riga, Latvia. Crytek CSIRT was created on May 20, on the basis of Network Operations department, using eLearnSecurity as it’s first and main InfoSec training provider for their whole team. The team has access to all the eLearnSecurity training courses https://www.elearnsecurity.com/course/.

Five employees of the Crytek company were given the opportunity of additional training in an intensive program of information security. This training was specifically designed by eLearnSecurity in a way to teach Crytek CSIRT all possible methodologies and aspects of information security, from the defense and offense sides.

They got the theoretical basics and learned how to use specialized software. In the virtual labs they could practice those techniques, which are also used by black hat hackers around the world to break into information systems. These included secured perimeters, web resources, servers, mobile phones (both Android and iOS), various Wi-Fi attacks with active traffic interception and many others.

Crytek invested in a good training of their team, allowing them to get unique InfoSec knowledge that will be used to ensure the highest level of security for all mission-critical information systems and to mitigate possible information security flaws across all Crytek studios.

This training was designed to get capabilities, experience and hands-on skills. And the Crytek team has achieved a great success with it, completing all of the eLearnSecurity courses.

Crytek CSIRT’s area of responsibility includes: Crytek company, including all company studios, internal and external computer systems, servers (located both in Crytek studios and in external data centers), services, all internal and external equipment, employees, intellectual property that belongs to Crytek directly, company assets, all internal and external web resources, communication channels between company studios and data-centers.

Event details: https://tf-csirt.org/tf-csirt/meetings/48-riga-latvia/

Crytek Presentation: https://tf-csirt.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/Crytek_CSIRT.pdf

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