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How PTS Participated In Our Students’ Success

The PTS training course has changed our students’ lives for the better. Whether it was taking a first step into the world of penetration testing or the discovery of a new passion, PTS has helped many develop the right red teaming skills needed in today’s industry needs. Find out what our students are saying about this training course, and discover it for yourself.

A. Page Glave

❝ I decided to pursue the PTS course and eJPT certification from eLearnSecurity because I wanted a hands-on course and certification that would prepare me to do penetration testing and provide a solid foundation going forward. […] Yesterday I started my first job in information security. I walked in feeling confident I would be able to do the work in part due to my training through eLearnSecurity.

Brandon Keath

❝ Three years later and after working through the PTS, PTP, and WAPT courses, a passion has been ignited in me for red teaming. I have given presentations on ethical hacking and penetration testing at various conferences and workshops and I owe a lot of it to discovering eLearnSecurity. Today I am happy to lead an amazing cybersecurity team (which focuses heavily on Penetration Testing and red team exercises) and I owe a lot of my success to eLearn for helping ignite that passion.

Benjamin Anyembe

❝ The Penetration Testing Student course, helped me a lot to prepare for my internship and provide me with new knowledge. Without the great documentation and the hands-on labs, it would have been a really rough start on the internship.

Jason Villaluna

❝ On my first salary, I purchased the eLearnSecurity PTS elite course. I have heard that this course will give me fundamentals on penetration testing while having the hands-on experience. I would benefit from this course as an INCIDENT HANDLER because we also handle cases which require penetration testing skills. […] Being part of the team in this field for six months, I became one of the point persons on the escalation for cases that require penetration testing skills.

Lomar Lilly

❝ Junior Penetration Tester was the first training course I took and was EXACTLY what I was looking for at the time. The course was laced with the in-depth knowledge I was searching for. Today, I now have a greater understanding of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, which has made me more creative, efficient and effective in my engagements in the field.

Watch a replay of the webinar “Breaking Into InfoSec” where Lomar explains it all here.

Nicholas Svampa

❝ eLearnSecurity was a fantastic experience, my professional aspect and my skills have evolved. Since March 2018, at the end of the Penetration Testing Student course and the achievement of the eJPT certification, I was contacted by people in HR who worked for IT security/consulting companies here in Italy. After a few months, I also bought the Penetration Testing Professional and the opportunities multiplied, eLearnSecurity changed my life!

Sean Fears

❝ I felt confident that I already had a solid grasp of the basics due not only to the variety of topics covered in the PTS course, but, more importantly, due to the fact that I had to validate those practical skills in order to receive my Junior Penetration Tester certification. It is the knowledge and the confidence that I received in that course that allowed me to successfully gain my current teaching position.

Zach Lawson

❝ I passed and it instilled the faith that I could do this job. So off I went and got myself an entry level, junior Pentesting role. My employer was so Impressed with the class that they now require all junior pentesters to take the PTS and get the eJPT.

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