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Hackme top 5 of March 2016

The Top 5 Hackmes for the month of March, 2016. Test yourself, check out the list of the challenges below:

1. Very basic SQL injection by davidstinemetze

Description: The goal here is to learn the very basics of SQL injection.





2. Hack_My_Microblog by decoder-ap

by motaba

Hack my MicroBlog and find YOUR secret key stored somewhere in digital space!





3. Sql injection bypass autentication hard by motaba

Description: This challenge is a simulation of a real scenario
Your goal: Finding SQL injections and exploit them to bypass the authentication system.
Enter the key on /flag.php page to generate your unique flag.

Good Luck. 😉

This is a extract from my ultimate penetration tester.





4. Javascript Encryption Nr. 1 EASY by VeNoMouS

Description: Try to find the password.
Tell me how you did it in the comments
This one is an easy challenge





5. Pass the Password by WarhackPuma

Description: A Javascript Promp which asks you a password. Can u get the secret word?




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