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Google Vulnerability Research Grant – $3,133.70 Reward

It’s getting more challenging to find cracks in Google. Information Security researchers invest time and effort in looking for vulnerabilities and sometimes they come up with none, which discourages them from going further.

Keeping this in mind, Google has launched the Vulnerability Research Grant which is an experimental initiative intended for top performing, frequent vulnerability researchers and invited experts to look into Google products and services even if there are no vulnerabilities or issues found! These IT researchers (sometimes known as white-hat hackers) will be provided upfront awards as high as 3,133.70 USD.

google research grant

“We’ll award grants immediately before research begins, with no strings attached.” Eduardo Vela Nava, Google Security Engineer posted. “There will be various tiers of grants, with a maximum of $3,133.70 USD.”

The tech giant has been offering bug bounty rewards since 2010 and to date, they have paid over 4 million USD in total. Late September 2014, Google even tripled their Chrome reward project to 15,000 USD for anyone who is able to find vulnerabilities and create a well-written report of the exploit.

What makes this grant unique is that it aims to recognize the time spent on the research even before the exploitation. You can review the details and FAQs of the Google Vulnerability Research Grant Vulnerability Research Grant Rules.

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