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Get PTSv4 Elite Edition For Free [Limited Time Only]

Last month, we launched the Penetration Testing Student training course version 4. In light of its huge success, and many many inquiries, we’re offering you a special bundle to couple PTSv4 + PTPv5… and pay only for PTPv5.

This Month’s Exclusive Offer

Until June 30, we’re offering the brand-new PTSv4 training course in Elite Edition for free with every enrollment in the PTPv5 training course in Elite Edition. To get this bundle, make sure to click on the link at the end of this blog post, a special coupon code will be automatically added to your shopping cart that will save you $499!

The PTS + PTP combination of training courses is perfect for beginners aspiring to develop their skills, but also for IT Security professionals. Indeed, it’s crucial for professionals to stay up-to-date with today’s threat environment and modern penetration testing techniques.

With many Fortune 50 companies using both PTS and PTP to train their own in-house teams, this combination of training courses can benefits all IT Security pros acquiring or reviewing the important penetration testing skills needed today.

What Will You Learn?

The Penetration Testing Student Training Course version 4 (PTSv4) Last Updated May 2019

Tailored to (complete) beginners, PTSv4 is the best first step towards becoming a Penetration Tester. This course provides the prerequisite skills you need to know including comprehensive networking and an introduction to multiple programming languages. You will become proficient in the accepted methodology and today’s most common tools used during network and webapp penetration testing. This course and associated certification will give you the confidence you need to handle the technical portions of a job interview and the hands-on, practical experience to land a position as a Jr. Penetration Tester.

  • Learn about: Routing, Forwarding, and TCP/IP; Information Gathering; Scanning; Vulnerability Assessments; Buffer Overflows; XSS; SQL Injection; System and Network Attacks; and Basics of Web App Pentesting
  • Learn how to: Analyze Traffic with Wireshark, Exploit Vulnerable Hosts, Move Laterally, Manipulate Traffic, Crack Passwords, and Exfiltrate Data
  • Develop Pentesting tools in C and Python
  • Learn how to use tools like Nmap, Nessus, Hydra, Metasploit, and Burp Suite
  • Preparation for the Penetration Testing Professional (PTP) course
  • Obtaining the eJPT certification qualifies you for 40 CPE

Click here to learn more about PTSv4 or request a free trial before enrolling.

The Penetration Testing Professional Training Course version 5 (PTPv5)

The PTP training is the most comprehensive and practical online course on Penetration Testing and gives you access to the training course materials Fortune 50 companies use to train their Red and Blue teams. If you already have the basics of pentesting, PTP takes you to a more advanced and professional level. Here’s a quick glance at this training course:

  • Based on techniques professional pentesters use
  • Covers everything a modern Pentester needs to know
  • Network Pentesting,Web Application Pentesting,Wifi Pentesting,System Security Section
  • Architecture fundamentals, Buffer overflow and Shellcoding
  • Covers both Windows and Linux exploitation
  • Post-Exploitation and Pillaging methodology
  • Includes Ruby & PowerShell for Pentesters sections
  • Learn how to create your own Metasploit modules
  • Learn how to leverage the PowerShell Empire toolkit
  • Includes a professional guide on Pentest Reporting
  • Extremely Hands-on with dozens of labs and exercises
  • Obtaining the eCPPTv2 certification qualifies you for 40 CPE

Click here to learn more about PTPv5 or request a free trial before enrolling.

Interested in getting started? Simply click the link below to have your coupon code automatically added to your shopping cart and save $499!

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  • Norman says:

    Sucks! I have issue regarding this bundle but no one replied on me at all…

    • Marine D. says:

      Hi Norman, did you contact our support team via email directly? If so, I’d be happy to assist or escalate your case number should you provide it to me 🙂

  • Jerad says:

    I enrolled, got the email, signed in for the first time and got an error and now when I sign in again, I receive another error, “Sorry, you are already enrolled in one PTSv4 edition.”

    I can, of course, sign up for another free account, but I believe that’s different than the student account that I originally received an invite for.

    Sad too, I wanted to check it out and maybe upgrade to something more. 🙁

  • Joshua Surendran says:

    Hi There,

    Would be there any bundle sale for PTP + PTS? I missed “Get PTSv4 Elite Edition For Free [Limited Time Only]”. Please do let me know. I am planning to enroll PTS course though. I might consider to enroll PTP if there is a bundle sale. Thank you.

  • ESecL says:

    It’s nice way for yourself not good for visitor of your blog also esecl dont verifoed this blog

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