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Free Edition Upgrades for all our IT Security training courses until end of November 2015

This November, develop your offensive and defensive skills in network security, web app security, mobile app security, and software reverse engineering. Enroll into any of our exciting online IT security training courses and you will be upgraded to the next better Edition at no additional cost!

If you enroll into the Barebone Edition of a training course, then you’ll get the Full Edition activated. If you enroll into any Full Edition, then you will you get access to the Elite Edition.


Below are the courses available for this free upgrade offer:

PNDPenetration Testing Student – PTS – A hands-on pentesting training course for beginners. Includes challenging lab scenarios to develop Networking and Programming skills and will take  you to semi-professional level. Compare Features & Editions



PNDPenetration Testing Professional – PTP – The most comprehensive and practical training course on pentesting which equips you with all the skills needed to perform pentests on a professional level. Compare Features & Editions



PNDWeb Application Penetration Testing – WAPT – A full hands-on training course specializing in the most up-to-date web app penetration testing techniques with in-depth web application analysis and information gathering. Compare Features & Editions



PNDWeb Application Penetration Testing eXtreme – WAPTX – A follow up WAPT and is taken to an “eXtreme” level. With advanced exploitation techniques and using real-world lab challenges. Compare Features & Editions



MASPTMobile Application Security and Penetration Testing – MASPT – Perform security analysis on iOS and Android mobile apps. Provides all the skills necessary for any modern Penetration Tester. Compare Features & Editions



PNDPractical Network Defense – PND – Focuses  on network and system security topics. Lessons include full practical setup guides and a virtual lab in Hera for the student to practice their new skills. Compare Features & Editions



PWDPractical Web Defense – PWD – A comprehensive course on Web App defense against real-world attacks with detailed techniques and methodology to simplify defense of web applications. Compare Features & Editions



ARESAdvanced Reverse Engineering of Software – ARES – Get theoretical and practical skills to perform advanced reverse engineering on software and malware. Includes hands-on challenges. Compare Features & Editions



Don’t miss this November free Edition upgrade offer. Enroll now!

Offer valid for new enrollments into any of the following courses: PTS, PTP, WAPT, WAPTX, MASPT, PND, PWD, ARES. Offer expires November 30 2015, 11:59pm PDT. Installment options NOT included. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Terms and conditions apply.

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