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Follow the trail of evidence – 02.20.18

So you’ve been breached. Gigabytes upon gigabytes of data are now in the hands of…well, someone. It could be the guy across the hall who just got fired; perhaps it was a competitor; or maybe it was just some hacker looking for a quick payday. In any case, trust in your organization is dwindling. Your bosses, the customers, and the media are all breathing down your team’s collective necks, demanding answers. What do you do next?

That’s what we’ll be investigating this coming February 20th, during the launch of the new eLearnSecurity training course, Digital Forensics Professional (DFP).

Letting the evidence speak

For our first course of 2018, we look into the overlap between tech and criminal justice—the field of digital forensics.

Much like traditional crime scene investigations, digital forensics involves the collection and analysis of information that could be used to reconstruct a certain incident, or as evidence in tracing a cyber attack back to its source—usually with the goals of asset recovery, attribution, or criminal/civil prosecution. Such incidents include cyber attacks, data theft, industrial espionage, and even non-criminal acts like internal investigations within organizations.

Digital Forensics Professional introduces security professionals to the more inquisitive side of cybersecurity. The course enables students not only to investigate cyber crimes, but also to assist in cases of incident response or proactive threat hunting.

Regardless of your role in your team, DFP ensures that you gain the skills to make you an all-around and valuable blue team member.

The investigation begins…

We open the DFP case files on February 20, 2018 at 1:00 PM ET. Join us in this live launch webinar by signing up here.

As usual, two lucky attendees will get to begin their Digital Forensics Professional training for free, while everyone else will be first-on-scene for our #DigitalForensicsPro launch deals.

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