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EthicalHacker has reviewed our course

Our first review is out. And it is a stellar third party unbiased review.

eLearnSecurity – What CEH should have been by Jason Haddix for Ethical Hacker.net

Yeah, we reached our goal of going one mile wide and one mile deep!

We got it on time to let you carefully read it and eventually enroll at the introductory price that will expire on April 30th !

Jason is the founder of SecurityAegis. I can tell you that he *actually* carefully studied our course. I am a logging maniac and I saw him spend hours and hours reading our contents (and eventually notifying me of bugs that I had to promptly fix:).

You know, you find plenty of fake reviews online for products, services and training.
I can tell you that such an unbiased and great review (with so many detailed and interesting suggested additions included), is what you need to read before considering to enrolling in our course.

More reviews are coming soon!

A special thank goes to Jason Haddix


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