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Empowering Women in IT Security – 2015 Cyberjutsu Awards Dinner

It was a night of fun and festivities as the Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu gathered in the Annual Cyberjutsu Awards Dinner. This is a celebration on its second year which continues to recognize women who have portrayed exceptional contribution in cyber security.

With awards such as Cyber Advocate, Cyber Mentor, Pentest Ninja, etc. the JR Stockyard in Tysons Corner Virginia was filled with women & men celebrating the night.

2015 cyberjutsu awards dinner

More photos here – Cyberjutsu Awards Dinner Photo Gallery

Cyberjutsu Awards & Awardees

Here’s the list of awards and awardees that were presented during the night:

Shon Harris was posthumously presented the Influential Woman of the Year for leaving her mark on the security industry through teaching, writing, and presenting. Kathy Conlon, her mother, accepted the prestigious award.

Winners of 2 eLearnSecurity training courses

eLearnSecurity sponsored the event and gave a hands-on IT Security training course prizes for two lucky attendees – Web Application Penetration Testing – WAPT and Penetration Testing Professional – PTP. We congratulate Robin Evans and Stella Lee who won these courses! Try WAPT and PTP for yourself!

cyberjutsu awards dinner elearnsecurity
top-left: Mari Galloway (from WSC) and Robin Evans (eLearnSecurity course winner)
bottom-right: Kathy Conlon (recipient of Influential Woman of the Year on behalf of Shon Harris) and Stella Lee (eLearnSecurity course winner)
bottom-left: Robin Evans with husband George

Other giveaways were also handed out and closing the dinner, Stacey Halota, Vice President of Information Security and Privacy at Graham Holdings, gave a remarkable speech.

Check out more photos here – Cyberjutsu Awards Dinner Photo Gallery

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  • Claritas says:

    In the article the second “WAPT” should be “PTP”, btw it is a very well written article.
    It is good to see the women are supported in the IT Security field. 🙂

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