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eLearnSecurity’s Threat Hunting Professional Webinar is Coming

Learn more about updates to our Threat Hunting Professional Course and Watch a Live Lab Demo

eLearnSecurity will release a new version of Threat Hunting Professionals (THPv2) during a live webinar on March 24th. During the one hour webinar, course creators Dimitrios Bougioukas and Slavi Parpulov will discuss the essentials of threat hunting and outline course updates that address the modern threat landscape.

THPv2 comes with nearly three times the amount of virtual labs, allowing students to practice their threat hunting techniques, including hypothesis strategies and testing, in a safe environment that simulates real-world threats. Our cyber security experts will take you through a new lab module and demonstrate how to effectively practice your newly acquired cyber security techniques during the launch webinar.

Register for the webinar here

What makes threat hunting so important?

Businesses now understand the necessity of defensive cyber security tactics and are building their security teams accordingly. In their recent Security and Risk Trends of 2019, Gartner noted that “…by 2022, 50% of all SOCs will transform into modern SOCs with integrated incident response, threat intelligence and threat hunting capabilities, up from less than 10% in 2015.”

That’s an overwhelming increase in spending, which means organizations will need to hire personnel to transition to a blue-team oriented cyber team. Courses like THPv2 and Incident Handling and Response Professional will also be crucial to organizations that need to hire new cyber security staff while building their program by cross-training their current team.

Blue team tactics are part of a strong cyber security program

Ethical hackers have had a positive impact on cyber security around the globe. And while the internet is safer because of pentesters and other red teamers, an unintended consequence of better offensive tactics is smarter hackers. Cyber criminals have evolved to mask their TTPs, allowing many to infiltrate networks where they can move laterally and steal sensitive information, intellectual property, and employee passwords.

Without threat hunters, these black hat hackers can cause untold financial loss and PR nightmares. THPv2 teaches students to detect cyber criminals that have infiltrated a company’s network and weed them out before they cause serious damage.

THPv2 starts with the basics, teaching students to develop then test hypotheses within a network. Access to Hera Labs will allow students to perform real-world simulations in a safe, virtual environment. eLearnSecurity’s hands-on training approach prepares students for their next career and allows businesses to practice on a network other than their own. 

Make sure to attend our live webinar on March 24th. You’ll be eligible for one of two class giveaways and we’ll also announce a special deal on THPv2 during the first week it’s live. 

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