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eLearnSecurity at the ICT Security Forum 2014

ROME, ITALY – eLearnSecurity joined the ICT Security Forum 2014 last October 8-10 at the Città Militare “La Cecchignola”.

A week after The Global App Summit in Dubai, our team in Pisa drove to Rome to take part in this information and communications technology security event.

ICT Security Forum 2014 - eLearnSecurity

Founded in 2001, ICT Security Forum was set up with the aim of spreading security to public administrations, large and small businesses, and individual citizens.

This is already the 14 edition and it gathered top experts in the IT security industry, businesses, students, and enthusiasts from private and government sectors – all wanting to know the latest in the trade.

ICT Security Forum 2014

eLS participated as an exhibitor and presenter and our IT Security Researchers, Davide “Gira” Girardi and Francesco Stillavato, notes the positive response from the audience during their lectures.

“We held two live demonstrations, one on web application security and the other on network security.” Francesco said. “Our presentation was practical. We did not talk about our products; instead, we exploited a web server.”

The hands-on approach attracted more participants since we performed an actual penetration test on a web application.

“The demonstration was a success. We had more people attending our presentation.” GiRa added.

eLS at ICT Security Forum 2014

The forum was a great way to encourage participants about the importance of IT security. We were also glad to share our knowledge and look forward to engage in more events like this.


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