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eLearnSecurity Student Spotlight: Riccardo Ancarani

A week ago, we asked several eLearnSecurity students to tell us about themselves and some of the experiences they’ve had since stepping into the security industry.

Over the next few days, we intend to share their stories with you, in the hope that you could perhaps pick up a bit of advice, motivation, inspiration – or even just a few laughs – from them, just like we did!

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Riccardo Ancarani
Security Engineer, Omnia Group – IT Consulting & Software Development
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Where did you first hear of eLearnSecurity?
Which of our training courses have you taken?
Penetration Testing StudentWeb Application Penetration Testing
What made you choose that particular course?
The level of completeness of the courses
What topics would you like to see eLearnSecurity cover next?
Maybe the next version of Practical Network Defense? That field is getting really hot, and professionals with firewall configuration skills (and in general network defense) are in high demand.
Tell us a bit about what you do.
I’m a Security Engineer, currently I’m working at Omnia Group (Italy)
What is the most important part of your work?
Not just knowing every type of technology, but being able to quickly adapt and generalize the knowledge to unknown scenarios
Is there something about security that could convince students, enthusiasts, or other IT professionals in general, to pursue this career path?
That’s the most versatile career path, you’ll get in touch with a wide variety of technologies and you’ll work with things that the 95% of the IT people consider black magic.
Any skills in particular that you think are crucial in today’s security landscape?
The ability to learn!
What would be the best advice you could give to someone just getting started in the field?
If someone tells you that the street is one-way, always look both sides. Never stop asking yourself if things really work in the way that they tell you, and if you can do something to break it.


Whose story should we hear next?

Would you like to nominate an eLS student to be featured on Student Spotlight? Hit us up on Twitter at @eLearnSecurity, and tell us a little about them. You may even nominate yourself!

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