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The eLearnSecurity Review Contest

Since eLearnSecurity was born, we’ve always made it our utmost priority to bring our students high-caliber training through our online IT security courses and virtual labs. To ensure that we’re constantly staying true to that cause, we continuously look to the community for some real, honest feedback.

In anticipation for even greater things we have in store for all of you this year, we want to get you involved in providing us with valuable insights. Insights that will help us drive our training courses to new heights.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the eLearnSecurity Review Contest!

We’re handing the mic over to you

Give us a review of an eLearnSecurity training course you took and you’ll stand a chance to win one of ten existing and upcoming training courses. Yes, you read that right: new courses are coming!

As with all our contests, joining is easy. Simply post a review of any course you’ve taken with us on an active cybersecurity-related website, blog, or forum, and link it to us in the Community Forums.

If you’ve already written about your eLS training experience before, then all that’s left to do is to let us know through the forums – because all reviews from January 1st, 2017 will count as entries.

50 words is the bare minimum for your submission to qualify, but of course, more couldn’t hurt!

Be our staunchest critic or our greatest advocate

We want the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! We’ll value all views equally, all we ask is that you say what’s really on your mind.

And, to give you the best odds of snagging a prize, we’ve set up a few criteria which we’ll use to judge your reviews:

  • Opinion: We don’t want a description or summary of the course. Tell us about your training experience and share your reactions to it.
  • Audience: You’re submitting a review of an IT security training course, so make sure to write one that will be useful to your potential audience, ranging from infosec n00bs to experts.
  • Guidelines: Adhere to the contest rules: stick to the 50-word minimum, and don’t give out any solutions or hints to the exams.
  • Traction: Eliciting engagement gets you plus points, so write in a clear, insightful, and engaging way, and post the review somewhere your peers and the infosec community will see it.

Ten for ten

We’ll have ten winners of the ten training courses up for grabs, which include:

  • First place: 2 winners of an Elite Edition training course
  • Second place: 3 winners of a Full Edition training course
  • Third place: 5 winners of a Barebone Edition training course

Each winner will be able to choose from any of our existing training courses, or hold out for the new ones! We know, we can hardly wait, either!

Get writing!

Your words could help take our training to its maximum potential, so come on and speak your mind – you may just score a brand new training course for it!

Find the full eLearnSecurity Review Contest rules and contest details in the Community Forums.

Haven’t tried our training? Get started with Penetration Testing Student for free now with these course invites!

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