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eLearnSecurity at RSA Conference 2016

One of our eLearnSecurity team members, Davide Carmeci attended the RSA Conference 2016 in San-Francisco this week. The event is held annually in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
eLearnSecurity is attending the RSA Conference, which aims to bring IT security specialists all over the world together to share their experiences, ideas and knowledge with other industry specialists. During this event security specialists of any level interact with peers, luminaries and emerging and established companies annually. The conference plays a valuable role in connecting and educating people within the industry all over the globe.
Here are the hottest topics covered during the event according to Davide:
  • IoT, Industrial and Consumer:  the IoT devices became mainstream in the market. The majority of the marketers within the industry started to be concerned about the security sides of their products. Hacked cars, shut down power plants (eg. Ukraine), stolen information had become a global problem of nowadays. Such automated “things” as robots, sensors are still based on old security protocols and approaches, breaches have a very serious potential to trigger a large-scale disaster. The details on these issues are covered on the RSA’s blog. The good news is, – the interest on security issues is increasing within the market.
  • Dynamic incident response/proactive security (artificial intelligence and machine learning): I would like to highlight also two different products that aim to create an automatic and integrated approach to incident response and proactive security.

  • Education:  Universities are developing IT Security training programs for the federal governments employees and students. Almost all the representatives highlighted the importance of hands-on training experience during our conversations.

And here are some pictures from the event:


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