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eLearnSecurity at AppSecUSA 2015

San Francisco, CA – eLearnSecurity took part in the AppSecUSA 2015 which is an event organized by The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and is running on its 12th year. Information security experts, developers, industry leaders and IT security enthusiasts gather on this four-day conference held in San Francisco.

eLearnSecurity participated in one of the exhibits and met plenty of our students based in this region. This also gave us an opportunity to share our knowledge and reach out to soon-to-be web application penetration testing students.

AppSecUSA 2015 at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco, California USA
22-25 September, 2015

elearnsecurity at AppSecUSA 2015

AppSec USA 2015

Various talks known as “Fireside Chats” were held and these chats included experts from Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Uber, Salesforce, Sonatype, Chef and Intuit who shared first-hand perspective and insights on application security experiences.

Training, exhibits, and discussions were also part of the agenda and focused about topics on DevOps, cloud and application security.

One of the major trends that we observed is that companies are realizing the need to train their developers how to code and develop secure applications. Most of their requests are related to establishing a training program to for a big group of students.

AppSec USA eLearnSecurity

Francesco Stillavato, IT security researcher, expresses his sentiments about this year’s AppSecUSA event.

“It was a success! We met many IT security professionals interested in both training and virtual labs. But beyond the “work-related” talks, it’s always a pleasure to speak with these guys. New ideas came up thanks to this conference.” Francesco says. ” The talks were also great. I had a chance to join a few discussions (‘QUARK: Android App Exploitation and SCA Tool’ by Tony Trummer and Tushar Dalvi – ‘The Bug Hunters Methodology’ by Jason Haddix) and I’m very happy I did.”

eLearnSecurity team at AppSec USA

Davide Carmeci, eLearnSecurity VP Business Development, also shares his experience .

“It was a success for eLS. We spoke with hundreds of people, most of them were IT security professionals that work for big companies (Linkedin, Dell, Hp) while a smaller part of the audience was made of people that work for IT security firms/products and individuals. We also met eLS students, and all of them were super satisfied with the training. Some of them suggest that we adopt our training at a corporate level.

The response to our approach (practical, self-paced, scalable) was really positive especially because most of the companies have already had other experience of “traditional” training.”

Web Application Penetration Testing Appsec Raffle

At the end of the Conference, the organizers held a raffle where all the vendors could give something as a reward and we gave away a new Web Application Penetration Testing – WAPT training course to one of the lucky participants.

Overall, this was a great event that included many discussions and exchange of thoughts on the latest news and research on appsec industry. We look forward to the next AppSec chapter!


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