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eLearnSecurity Announces Partnership with VeteranSec

As part of eLearnSecurity’s commitment to reaching out and building community, we are pleased to announce a partnership with VeteranSec, a non-profit group that helps veterans transition from military life to the private sector. VetSec provides information technology and cyber security training to its members, many of whom began their training in the military.

 To begin our partnership, eLearnSecurity is providing access to Penetration Testing Student to 10 VetSec members. VeteranSec’s offerings focus on ethical hacking and red team training, making penetration testing a highly sought-after skill for many of its members. eLearnSecurity is excited to build a prosperous relationship with VeteranSec, and we are looking forward to training former members of the armed forces and preparing them for a promising and fulfilling career.


  • Jake K says:

    Thanks to the team at eLearnSecurity! Our members are loving their courses and we’re eagerly awaiting their write-ups 🙂

  • Thomas M says:

    As one of the members who received the PTS, I just wanted to say thank you. This helps me formalize and learn, in a structured manner, many of the concepts I’d been trying to teach myself, and I’m sure will help me immensely in the future. Thanks again!

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